Gyomaendrod, Hungary

There is a small town called Gyomaendrőd in South East Hungary. Gyomaendrőd is a quiet resort place in beautiful surroundings bordered by backwaters, forests and meadows. It’s a cozy settlement next to the Körös River with unparalleled flora and fauna. It has has an interesting and long history which dates back to the 12th century although only the old-standing churches and buildings are nowadays the testimony of its extensive heritage.
Besides the unique environment dozens of summer events make the town flourish. My goal was to present the guest-friendly life of Gyomaendrőd and also incorporate the beautiful urban and landscape areas into the work.
I started to shoot segments for the tourism image film in 2009 and finished it in 2013. I hope, you will enjoy it!


Havasi – Tavaszi szél (Spring Wind Piano version)
Jamin Winans – Who You Were
Jam & Spoon – Butterfly Sign (Instrumental)