Unterhofalm, Filzmoos Wedding Film | Salzburg, Austria | Jacqueline + Tobias

When Jacqueline and Tobias hired us to shoot their wedding film below the snowy mountains of Austria, we got very excited. They choose the beautiful Salzburg region of the country for their wedding location. While Tobias is from Austria originally, they live in Hong Kong where they also first met. We’d worried about the COVID travel restrictions, but fortunately they arrived safely to Austria to celebrate their greatest day.

We stayed at Filzmoos, the small town is located in the region of Hoher Dachstein, the second-highest mountain in the Northern Limestone Alps.

The morning was overcast with clouds at our eye level, all around the nearby mountains. We started the day with capturing a traditional Chinese tea ceremony in Alpenhotel Wurzer in Filzmoos. The bride and groom served tea to their parents, in-laws, and other family members. Symbolizing the union of the two families, it was a meaningful part of the day.

In the afternoon we drove to Unterhofalm, which is an Alpine chalet out-of-town. Unterhofalm is a unique adventure alpine pasture in the middle of Salzburg state with an imposing panoramic view below the mighty Große Bischofsmütze which is the highest peak of the nearby Dachstein Mountains.

The outdoor ceremony took place at Almsee, a small lake at 1280 meters above sea level. Fortunately, the weather was great: the sky got cleared up a bit, but we had no issue with the glaring sun. During the evening we were listening to the touching and funny speeches of the bride and groom, their mothers, Jacqueline’s sister and Tobias’ brother. The evening music was provided by DJ LuLightner from Filzmoos. He guaranteed a great mood, the dance floor instantly became busy after the opening dance. The wedding planner was Ingrid Lugstein from Panorama Tours in Salzburg, she also did a great job.

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