Le Bristol Hotel Wedding Photography | Beirut, Lebanon | Caroline + Malik

As I had already photographed the wedding of Chantal a few years ago, this time I had the opportunity to shoot one more wedding in the family. Chantal and her sister, Caroline have a Hungarian mother and an Arab father, who live in Hungary. Caroline’s fiancé, Malik is however from Beirut, Lebanon. They decided to celebrate their wedding in Beirut and I got an invitation to photograph their wedding there. Beirut is an amazing city with a very diverse culture and a multitude of interesting sights, so I gladly said yes.
The day before the wedding we visited Malik’s family house, where the two families signed the wedding contract with the leadership of the imam. They also had a dinner afterwards with a plenitude of heavenly traditional Lebanese food.
The next day the getting ready moments took place in the Staybridge Suites Hotel, which is a sleek, modern building with a rooftop outdoor swimming pool offering an unsurpassed panoramic view of Beirut. We were in a hurry as the makeup and hairdressing were delayed. We could start shooting portraits on top of the hotel just before sunset, fortunately still in time. The view with the glass and steel buildings of Beirut was a unique sight, a perfect backdrop for the young couple’ portraits. Afterwards we drove to Villa Linda Sursock, which is one of Beirut’s historic landmarks and we took some wedding and family portraits there, too. The villa is a fine example of traditional Arabian architecture with beautifully ornamented interiors. I also had to use my flashes in the villa, since it was quite a moody, dark place.
After the wedding portrait session, we headed back to Le Bristol Hotel, where the wedding reception took place. It is a classically elegant and luxurious hotel with a history. The 5-story building opened in 1951 and it is famous for both its architecture and the guests it hosted. Le Bristol Hotel is also recognized for its cuisine and pastries, offering delicious Arab food.
After all the guest had arrived and took their places at the tables, the newlyweds’ parents entered the spacious ball room which was beautifully decorated and lit. Dancers hustled to the center of the room, while rhythmic Arab music was throbbing in our ears. Malik, the groom entered the ballroom from the side and took a wild ride with the dancers. Caroline, the bride was waiting with her father at the entrance and Malik walked over to take her. The newlyweds enthusiastically danced in the ring of professional dancers, then shortly afterwards they started the “real” first dance with fireworks and smoke. The wedding guests joined the dance, then later Rida, the father of Caroline and Chantal, her sister had their speeches. The marvelous wedding cake was brought in and Caroline and Malik exchanged rings. The dance continued until closing time.
I also have to mention that this fine event was organized by Badawi Naamani from Spotlight Vision.
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